What's Next?

There are so many wonderful opportunities in our communities! Contact nwew@techaccess.org with any suggestions or additions to this list.

Workshops & Opportunities

Thanks to generous donors, TAF’s Network for EdWork can work with 3 district leadership teams on Liberatory Leadership development in the coming year. Want to be a district partner? Contact sungk@techaccess.org

Who: Open to community educators, students/educators interested in teaching Filipinx American history, paraprofessionals, administrators, student teachers, first year or veteran teachers

Interest Session (learn more details): March 2nd 1-2:30 pm Zoom – email faew1972@gmail.com for zoom link. Register at tinyurl.com/racecohort2024.

Brief Program information:

  • Work with the Filipinx American History curriculum team and fellow cohort members on the ethnic studies curriculum and/or lesson plans
  • Teach in own classroom, community classes, or other learning spaces
  • Incorporate community based practices, wellness practices, and social emotional learning in teaching
  • Meetings (zoom, in person and/or hybrid) second Saturdays of each month starting March 2024 – October 2024 (no programming in June or July).
  • Clock Hours, Stipends (at least $1,000 per participant), scholarships, mentorship, and classroom enrichment funds available to all participants.

This conference is designed for educators, workforce development professionals, and advocates dedicated to anti-racism, removing systemic and institutional barriers to equitable opportunity in education and the workforce.

See more details and submit your proposal here

Do you train pre-service educators of color? Contact tiffanier@techaccess.org to collaborate with the Network for EdWork on supporting your pre-service BIPOC educators through the Martinez Fellowship.  

The Martinez Fellowship Program application is officially live! Pre-service and early career BIPOC educators are encouraged to apply if attending 1 of our 13 partner universities. Deadline May 15th. Not attending a partner university but still interested? Contact Tiffanie at tiffanier@techaccess.org

The implementation of educational technologies (EdTech) in the classroom can redefine and transform how students experience and navigate learning in our public school system.
This four-session course will guide you in developing a vision for EdTech in your classroom, provide a flexible framework through which to understand how you can implement the right technology at the right time, and introduce you to numerous EdTech tools you can begin to use immediately to enhance equity and inquiry in your classroom instruction.

Information will be coming soon to participate in a BIPOC Focus Group. This is an opportunity to share your experiences, provide your feedback and help the OESD determine what regional supports are needed for BIPOC educators. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, contact Patricia Beuke, pbeuke@oesd114.org.

Upcoming Events

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Conference for P–12 Educators by Seattle Pacific University

See full agenda, speaker details, and registration here.

Convening Follow-up Discussion: Breaking Down Silos

Thank you for joining us at the Convening: Journey Towards Liberation. Now that we’ve spent some time together, let’s go further into the discussion of where we are on our collective journey and how to better work together to move education towards liberation.

Register here to join us!

Join us at iGrow WAthe premier summit dedicated to Leaders of Color in Washington state education! Whether you’re a seasoned principal, an aspiring leader, district leader, or an educational partner, this event is tailored to inspire, connect, and grow your leadership journey. The theme of the Summit is “We hear you. We see you. We need you.” 

On Saturday, May 4th 2024, WA Charters invites stakeholders investing, iterating, and innovating in Washington education to come together to share what we’ve learned. Join in for a day of learning, dialogue, and idea exchange across a range of communities—schools, student support organizations, philanthropies, and businesses, all focused on preparing the next generation of leaders to navigate the challenges and promises of the world to come. Read more and register.

Join Convening facilitator, James Boutin, in a two-day in-person training designed for those working for social justice across various sectors (education, law, healthcare, food access, climate justice, etc…) who are tired of watching infighting, poor communication, and burnout diminish the power of social justice efforts. It’s become clear that the personality conflicts and siloing are actually collaborating with the system that social justice is trying to dismantle.

Let’s build a framework for understanding oppression that humanizes every single human on earth, acknowledges the complex connections between systems and trauma, AND points us toward effective action.

See more details and register

Shared Resources

Keep your eyes on this space for resources during and post Convening! 

Past Events & Opportunities

“Inspiring Black Students to Reach their Full Potential”

Who: Exclusively for Black Males in Education

The “Inspiring Black Students to Reach their Full Potential” is a dynamic and inclusive gathering dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and addressing the diverse needs and aspirations of black students, with a special focus on the invaluable role of black male educators in their lives. This summit is not just an event; it is a call to action, a platform for inspiration, and a commitment to empowering the next generation of leaders. See here for registration and more information.